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About Us

At The Oak Trails, Haryal we have three cottages with five tastefully appointed rooms with attached modern bathrooms.

We also have two tents set inside an apple orchard.

The cottages are painstakingly constructed in traditional Kumaoni style. The stone on the walls are joined together by using mud and then the plaster on the wall is done by using mud and husk which provides for excellent insulation.

The cottages have a slate roof. This local stone is put over split up logs and sealed with sticky mud in between.All the artisans and workers are from the near by villages only. We try to employ only local people from the village community.

The 18 Km drive to Haryal passes through the densly forested area of Cheena Peak range. It has the richest Oak, Rhododendron, Pine, Devdar forest which supports an enormous variety of Himalayan flaura and fauna. This area is an excellent birding spot. More then five hundred bird species have been recorded in this area. One can see a variety of Himalayan species along the way such as Khalij pheasant, Lammergeier, Himalayan Griffon, Forktail, Rufousbellied Woodpecker, a variety of Thrushes e.t.c. It is also home to leopards, Yellow throated Himalayan Martens, Himalayan Palm Civets, Ghorals, Barking deer, Sambhar e.t.c.

More than 300 km range of the Himalayas which indeed are the crown of India can be seen from this area. Magical, Mystical, Grand, Mighty...the beauty and the grandeour of the Himalayas almost cannot be described in words.

The famous Jim Corbett National Park is situated 80 km from Haryal.

To reach us one has to walk a distance of approx 840 meters from the road.Our staff comes down to receive the guest and help them with their luggage.Guests are requested to carry light luggage.Vehicles have to be parked on the road on owners risk.

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